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Join Us As We Host These Five Artists

These four stops on the trail are easy driving distance from the village of Owego and each other.

Betty Brydon

Betty Bryden - Painting on handmade paper

Betty Bryden has been a painter for a very long time. She has always gravitated to handmade papers and watercolor as her medium, her subject matter has shifted to the things that surround her wherever she lives. That started in Maine and the shoreline and has changed since her move inland. She is currently infatuated with the landscape and most recently the barns that dot it. While playful in style the "roadside sentinel" series depicts barns in various stages of age and use.

Suzanne Poe -  Fiber / Felt

Suzanne has been working with fiber for over thirty years and has been attracted to the versatile and useful nature of wool. It is wearable and warm, it is natrural and sustainable, it is sculptural and colorful. Her explorations have evolved over the years from complex weaving equipment to working purely with her hands, focusing now on felt making in her home studio at Cloudcroft.

Suzanne Poe
Tom Canouse

Tom Canouse -  Wood Carving

Tom Canouse has been a wood carver for over forty years. His affinity with wood led him to trying woodblock prints a few years ago. His subject matter is a kin to his carvings - often of inhabitants of the natural world.

Deb Youngling

Deb Youngling - Terra cotta garden sculptures

As a potter and a ceramic sculptor I carry a deep faith in the power of clay, an essential earth element, central to creation stories, myths and explanations,

I treasure it as a channel and as a teacher. 

Guardians that support plant and flower life intheir heads, birds, dragons, vases, urns, mugs, pitchers bowls form the body of my work. 

Each time I begin I am ready to be surprised by the process and the pieces that spring from the clay in my hands, hoping to witness the “upward stream”.



Rudolph Steiner  Secrets of the Soil   “Clay is the carrier of the cosmic upward stream.”

Alice Mischke

Alice Mischke - Painting 

Alice loves painting in oils because it can be simultaneously a slow, meditative process, while carrying such energy of emotion in the strokes of the brush. She wishes to convert on the canvas a love of that which makes us feel connected to where we live, places we visit, and the familiar objects in our everyday lives. There is no end of subject matter here. 

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