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Cloud Croft Studios is the latest reincarnation of the early 19th century barn raised on the lands of Eli and Betsy Gibson after they arrived here in 1812 from Stowe, Massachusetts to settle the area which become known as Gibson Corners. The tombstones of Eli and Betsy can be found in the cemetery directly across the road from the barn. 


Located five miles south of and over 750 feet above the village of Owego, NY, the barn is the foundation of Cloud Croft Studios, the vision of Mike and Suzanne Poe who purchased the 90 acre property from Mildred Granger in 1981. .After raising three children and completing a career that afforded them the opportunity to spend thirteen years working overseas in Italy and England, they look to leverage their lifelong interest in art and their family's love of this property to create an environment where artists and aspiring artists can enjoy a unique experience. 


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